Cooked King Crab

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Just thinking about Alaskan king crab legs dipped in mayonnaise makes mouth water. The texture of Alaskan king crab legs is more delicate and softer in appearance compared to other crab species. Alaskan king crab also tends to have a unique “sweet” taste that is unlike other crab meat.
The thrill of finding a massive piece of crab meat intact beneath the shell, knowing the work that fishers go through to catch the crabs, is just incredible ! We don’t have to tell you that Alaskan king crab is simply the most sought after crab species in the world.
If you’ve never tried Alaskan king crab before, don’t deny yourself any longer. Give them a try today!
The picture is not exhaustive, the products can vary according to the seasons, the availability of the products and the quality of the received goods.

In Stock
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This King Crab arrives live in our kitchen, we cook it oursleves. To be served cold with our homemade mayonnaise.

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