Espelette Chili Mustard

Martin Pouret
200 GR

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Savor the perfect balance of spice and richness with Martin Pouret’s Espelette Pepper Mustard. Crafted with precision, this mustard combines the bold flavor of Espelette peppers with the smoothness of traditional mustard, creating a delectable and versatile condiment. Add a kick to your sandwiches, grilled meats, or charcuterie boards with this gourmet mustard. Indulge in the unique taste crafted by Martin Pouret, and experience the essence of French cuisine in every bite. A true delight for mustard enthusiasts and culinary aficionados alike.

In Stock


It is in the respect of this tradition that we develop our recipes from our French mustard seeds crushed with a stone wheel, Guérande salt and Orleans vinegar. – Brand: Martin Pouret

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