Rump Roast Beef

Black Angus
1 to 1.2 KG

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Presenting Chef Thomas’ exquisite choice: 100% pure Black Angus beef from Australia, meticulously nurtured for 250 days on a grain-based diet, free from antibiotics and GMO. This traditional beef roast embodies the pinnacle of flavor, tenderness, and quality, curated to elevate your cherished family meals.

Chef’s Selection: 100% Pure Black Angus Beef Roast


Origin: Australia
Breed: Black Angus
Feeding: 250 days on a wholesome grain diet
Purity: No antibiotics or GMOs
Taste Profile: Unparalleled tenderness and succulence

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In Stock
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Seared all side in pan with butter, Cook it 15 to 30 minutes in oven at 180C

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Weight 573515775 g

Rumsteak, Tenderloin, Top Side


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