In 1920, brothers Melkoum and Mouchegh Petrossian came to Paris and began a legendary love affair between caviar and the City of Light. One hundred years later, their first boutique still thrives on Boulevard de la Tour-Maubourg. Petrossian caviar is now enjoyed across the globe and is widely recognized as the world’s finest expression of this enigmatic egg.



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Beluga Tsar Impérial® Caviar

The ultimate caviar for grand occasions

Daurenki® Royal Caviar

The perfect experience for beginners

Ossetra Tsar Impérial® Caviar

An extremely sensual caviar


The caviar version of Bottarga

Fleur de Caviar

Fleur de Caviar®

Dried caviar to sprinkle in all circumstances


Talisman® Liquid Caviar

The must-have for any caviar-lover

Individual Mother-of-pearl Tasting Spoon

Essential for caviar tasting

Caviar key Dubai

Caviar Key

The essential for opening a tin of caviar

Hand-sliced Smoked Salmon

The iconic smoked salmon


Wild, Baltic Smoked Salmon

The unique Petrossian smoked salmon that’s been made with the same recipe since 1930

Souhoï® Salmon

A long ageing process makes for a flavourful, tender salmon fillet

Classic Coupe du Tsar®

The most noble part of salmon with a smoky twist

Coupe du Tsar® à la Caucasienne

Smoked salmon fillet perfectly spiced with a unique marinade


Dill Marinated Coupe du Tsar®

The excellence of smoked salmon paired with the freshness of dill

Smoked Eel Fillets

Delicious fillets of eel with a smoky flavour

Sardine Rillettes

Creamy sardine rillettes

Classic Tarama

The classic, by Petrossian


Caviar Tarama

The perfect union between caviar and cod

Wasabi Tarama

The creaminess of tarama with a wasabi kick

King Crab Tarama

The real taste of red King Crab

Lobster Tarama

A Smooth and refined tarama

Bottarga Tarama

Bottarga Tarama

The smoothness of the taramasalata mixed with the strong iodized flavour of bottarga

Sea Urchin Coral Tarama

A strong, creamy flavour

Black Truffle Tarama

A festive version of tarama

King Crab Koshka®

The exquisite combination of crab and mascarpone

Salmon Koshka

Salmon Koshka®

The creamy combination of salmon and mascarpone

Wild Salmon Roe

Next stop: our House’s unmissable briny pearls

Smoked Pike Roe

A resounding success amongst lovers of fine, smoky flavours



Grated or thinly shaved, Bottarga is always a show-stopper

Bottarga with Black Truffle

8% black truffle (Tuber Melanosporum)

Smoked Bottarga with Timur Berries

The unique flavour of Timur berries

Red King Crab Merus

The most precious part of Red King Crab

Red King Crab Shoulder Meat

Crab meat that’s packed with flavour, to be used in a multitude of recipes


Shelled Red King Crab Legs

The most delicate part of Red King Crab that’s bursting with flavour

Rye Croustissian®

Ultimate crispiness to accompany a tasting of briny delicacies


A must-have for any salmon or roe tasting

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