Raclette Platter

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The Raclette Platter offers a delectable journey of flavors, featuring the star of the show – smooth and creamy raclette cheese, perfectly melted and ready to tantalize taste buds. Enjoy the rich and nutty notes of traditional Raclette, the delicate smokiness of Raclette au Fumé, or the exquisite truffle-infused Raclette Tartuffo for a touch of luxury. Paired with a delightful selection of charcuterie, tender boiled potatoes, crunchy pickles, and fresh vegetables, this interactive dining experience is a true celebration of flavors and camaraderie, making every gathering unforgettable. Indulge in the authentic taste of Swiss Alpine cuisine with the Raclette Platter, a culinary adventure that brings joy to the table.

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– Brand: Artisanal

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